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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  May 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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special tributes jonathan: details on the search for a killer after a woman was murdered in a condo complex. michelle: this happened on 18th avenue in adelphi and the police are asking for help as they search for answers. jonathan: tom roussey just spoke to the victims family. tom:
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very upset, trying to figure out who would have done this. this started at 9 a.m. dent went down the steps to go into a laundry room, but when she went through the door, she found her friend dead. the family identified her as 29-year-old ashley solano. she grew up in the area and they want to know who would have done this to her. the police spent 11 hours this memorial day investigating and evidence, eventually bringing k-9 units like this one and a state police bloodhound. the neighborhood, but the focus of the investigation was the laundry room. >> they would just hang out and do whatever they want in here. tom: residents say it is a notorious place. >> there are always kids down there doing drugs. tom: condominium
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residents said off-camera that the victim had a three-year-old son. she found the body of the laundry room at 9 a.m. with blood everywhere. residents say the victim was beaten to death area this neighbor said that she is scared to use the laundry room because of the people who hang out there. those people do not live in this neighborhood. they come from other places. one resident said this is horrifying but not surprising. >> every other weekend there is somebody getting jumped or raped. somebody died behind this building. tom: the police have put up evidence tape on the door that is now padlocked to the laundry room. the police have not put out any public information about any suspects. family said the police do not know who may have done ts
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a few showers and thunderstorms earlier this evening. they are finally beginning to fizzle out. it is part of a cold front that is moving through overnight. nighttime lows will be in the 60's come in tomorrow a nice warm-up. clouds, aof sun and chance of showers, may be a rumble of thunder later in the day, but nothing amounting to a lot. high eventually into the middle ladies inside the beltway -- into the middle 80's inside the beltway. what to expect for the rest of the weekend the upcoming weekend. we have two more cold fronts on the way that could have a huge impact on your beach weekend. michelle: thank you, steve. salutes our military this memorial day. many of the annual memorial traditions are at arlington national cemetery. president obama m
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[taps play] this was his last memorial day as president. he laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. he called on all americans to honor fallen servicemembers, saying they embody the best of all americans. president obama: we are so proud of them. we are so grateful for their sacrifice. we are so thankful to those families of the fallen. michelle: more than 300 volunteers helped place 130,000 roses on the headstones at arlington national cemetery this morning. another 30,000 were handed to visitors at the gate. washington, d.c., is home to so many monuments and memorials dedicated to servicemembers. people from all over the country are here, each with a different story to tell. jay korff spo
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lost their children in combat. >> arlington national cemetery is a very powerful place. jay: the magnitude of a nation's sacrifice can be found in arlington, virginia, where rolling hills go beyond the horizon. >> there are no shortage of people willing to make the sacrifice. his father served in world war ii, korea, and vietnam. he is buried here. >> today is a special occasion because it's memorial day. him and all the men and women who served. jay: each headstone tells a story of service, and in many cases of sacrifice. >> a very emotional day. here for her son. her 28-year-old son christopher lost his life in iraq in 2007. she travels from california to te
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>> i love you and i'm proud of you. and he will never be forgotten. e, mothers grieve for son, father's daughters, and other family members. this features his daughter. >> we lost jessica five months into her second tour in iraq. jay: she saved countless lives in iraq, only to lose hers on mother's day in 2008. rose petals to honor those who never came home. generations of americans now rest so that we can be free. jay korff, abc 7 news. jonathan: memorial day events were held all across the d.c. region and the nation. memorial inorce arlington, the sound of patriotism in history were in the air. dozens of world war ii veterans
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laid wreaths at the freedom wall. at each site, reminders of those who have sacrificed so much for our country. michelle: this may have been a prank, but this riverdale incident is no laughing matter. the people who live in this house say they do not know who set off the fireworks on their porch or why, but they say that it could have set the house on fire. the bomb squad was called into the home saturday. >> i'm angry, upset. i don't know why. it seems senseless. michelle: the woman said they had installed a surveillance camera after kids kicked out their door, but they never imagine something like this would happen. they have not been able to sleep since. all consumer fireworks are illegal in prince george's county. if you have information, call the police.
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county, serious damage after a house fire in capitol heights. happened on heat straight, no injuries reported. no word on what may have sparked a fire. jonathan: scary moments at a public swimming pool in frederick. a gun ande pulled out started shooting. the gun turned out to be a bb gun or airsoft gun. several juveniles were taken into custody and charged with assault. there were no injuries reported. nine-year-old girl seriously injured after her mom said she was beaten. this happened last tuesday when the third-grader fell off her scooter in silver sprinkles that she said that two teenaged boys laughed at her as they were beating her unconscious. she was found by a security guard. she has not been back to school since and is having nightmares as a result. >> they were slapping me and punching me. tell her thatg to this is not how any man should treat a woman, how young boy
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with counselors and she wants the teenaged boys charged as adults, not juveniles. leadere: metro's top said he is working to get the transit agency on track. paul wiedefeld's six-month byure has been plagued problems including crime at a rape on the red line. metro has to make repairs after a series of smoke issues. riders are frustted, but paul wiedefeld says be patient. >> it's every day. that is not the way it works. of a bigre organization like this is every day you have to work on it. paul wiedefeld's unwavering about whether he made the right choice. he says although it has been challenging, this is the best job he has ever had. they said they faced a terrific choice, cinc
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orilla after a tyler had fallen into its enclosure. roz plater has with zoo officials are now saying. roz: they are defending themselves. some people around the country are angry with the zoo, a lot are angry with the parents of the toddler. in a single online petition, one of many, more than 232,000 people have called for the police to hold the child's parents responsible. two days after a tyler fell into at theilla cage cincinnati zoo, officials are still defending their decision to kill the 400-pound male gorilla. activists say that video shows that he was trying to protect the child. the zoo director says not so. >> the child was at risk. his head was banging on concrete. roz:
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he said the animal was agitated by everything going on and there was not enough time to try a trek lies are -- when you try a tranquilizer. >> it works over a few minutes. others say cincinnati made the right call. now there are dozens of petitions online, hundreds of thousands have signed, calling for justice for the gorilla. how the parents could have let it happen and asking for the police and child protective services to investigate parents. a spokesman for the parent said, "we extend our heartfelt thanks for quick actions by the cincinnati zoo today. we know this was a difficult decision and they are grieving the loss. we hope that you will respect our privacy at this time." no indications prosecutors will pursue charges against the parents. roz plater, abc 7 news. jonathan: still ahead
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severe weather outbreak. dramatic rescues and the places where the damage is horrible. uchelle: seeing bars
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jonathan: a terrifying video in new york city after a crash left this tractor-trailer literally dangling over a bridge. one person was taken to the hospital with the non-life-threatening injuries. amazingly, he walked away. the driver of the truck climbed down to safety. the way the truck was set up, it was not carrying any cargo, or would have toppled over. that was lucky. torgency crews took hours secure the rig and bring it back up. no word on what triggered the situation. michelle: both democratic candidates stepped off the campaign trail this memorial day. hillary clinton marched in a parade in her adopted home town of new york. senatorest coast, bernie sanders visited the presidio memorial in s
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donald trump had no public events today. he delivered a campaign styles each rolling thunder yesterday. at a was added drama sanders rally in oakland. secret service rushed in after three people jumped a barrier and moved toward the stage. nobody was hurt. they were taken into custody. jonathan: the flooding situation is likely to get worse in parts of texas as up to five inches of rain is expected this week. in one county, 40 people had to be rescued, six people killed. we are talking about 17 inches of rain in some parts. the laredo river near houston is expected to crest three feet higher than its previous record tomorrow. >> we did not know it was going to come up this fast. what was once tropical storm bonnie quickly fell apart as it made landfall in south carolina.
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of i-95 sunday, forcing holiday travelers to sit and wait. parts of the state received nearly a foot of rain. michelle: it is your chance to get a close-up look at mars, and without a telescope. mars is the closest to earth that has been in 11 years. it will look bigger and brighter in the sky until june 3. cloudy skies right now, the temperature 73 degrees at reagan national. earlier this afternoon, we hit 80 degrees. we dodged most of the shower activity, to the west and east. now looking at temperatures where we have not had any rain. lower 70's, where the rain has fallen earlier this evening, across winchester, luray, now in the upper 60's. those are the areas that will likely have faulk developed later tonight and into the early morning hours. onnot rule out patchy fog the beltway, but nothing that
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morning. a lot going on on the east coast whether matt. further to the south, what is left of bonnie. the spin in the atmosphere caused flooding. the heaviest of the rain has come to an end. all of this is lifting to the north and east and we have a cold front sliding across, a weak frontal boundary that will not amount to a lot. the heaviest of the showers remain well to the south and west, charlottesville. we will stay mainly dry as we head through the overnight. any moisture that we have will be limited, maybe just a shower, but other than that it will be nice and easy going as far as we are concerned early tomorrow morning. the temperatures tonight, falling into the 60's, patchy fog, the wind out of the south that 2 to 5. tomorrow morning, in the 60's, a mixture of sun and clouds. heading at the door, grabbed the umbrella.
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showers will move overhead in the late afternoon, early evening, but no problems early on. about 3:00, 4:00, a shower here or there. outdoor activities for the kids, if there is a shower overhead, it will not last very long, minutes, and 40 then you will be good to go the rest of the activities. barbecue tomorrow evening looks fine for about 90% of us. the highs tomorrow, 85 degrees, partly sunny. the wind out of the south that 3 to 8. next seven days, we have a stronger cold front late thursday night into friday. that promises to bring unsettled weather to the mid-atlantic. frontalas we get that system out of here, that will determine what the weekend is like. frontal systemhe slows down, added clouds and showers saturday. it will not be a washout. it is
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days to go, and a lot of changes can happen between now and then. eileen whelan will be an early tomorrow morning with a full eight. 30% chance of rain tomorrow. erin says get rid of it now. speaking of changes, the score between the thunder and golden state. we will have highlights of game seven of the western conference finals. plus they know murphy was doing work again today. -- daniel murphy was doing work again today.
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the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. erin: the national started their nine-game road trip well tonight. daniel
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a hot bat. this is not coming back. home run number eight of the season. game tied in the eighth inning. right,slaps this ball to ben revere will score, jayson werth comes in and slides in ahead of the tag. 4-3 nats win. to the lacrosse national title game, maryland-north carolina. the terps lost in the title game for the fourth time in the last six seasons, a tough weekend for maryland. they dug themselves into a 4-0 hole early, but they did come all the way back in the second. the terps had their first lead, 8-7. over time, the terps down a man because of a penalty. fires, scores the game-winner. a heartbreaker for the terps, 14-15. scott: for
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the last six years, the maryland men's lacrosse team loses in the national championship game. this one really hurts for the goals with foreign half minutes left to go, maryland could not deliver the final knockout blow. >> it's tough. such aw, it has been good team on so many levels. i'm so proud of them. thented those guys to enjoy moment and smile. that is the hardest part as a coach. that's how life is. there are always highs and lows. it's a low right now, but at the same time, we fought hard and we have to keep our head up. i'm so proud of our team, i'm so proud of the season. 1975 was the last time the maryland men's lacrosse team won a national
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championship, another tough pill to swallow for the terps. scott abraham, abc 7 sports. erin: game seven of the western conference finals. golden state comes roaring backfill stopped steph curry, he is the m.v.p. for a reason. he drives to the basket against kevin durant. curry with 36. the warriors lead with less than 30 seconds left, so it looks like a rematch could be possible. the nba finals are on abc 7. and the stanley cup final, game one between the penguins and sharks, the penguins win that one. think that makes the caps losing a little easier? jonathan: no. michelle: but a win in this fashion, after being down? is why steph curry is the two-time m.v.p. jonathan: still ahead,
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paying a speeding ticket can be aggravating.
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jonathan: getting a speeding ticket is never fun, but one guy took it out in his payment. fred
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for going nine miles over the speed limit, so that's what he did, dumping the pennies at the courthouse.
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steve: a few showers tomorrow, not a washout, but grabbed the umbrella. chance of showers later in the afternoon, high near 85. lower 80's wednesday, sunshine thursday. late thursday night into friday we have a cold front. depending on the speed of the cold front determines what we see for the weekend. right now, 30% chance of showers. that is a 70% chance of sunshine. jonathan: well, there you go. thank you very much for watching. jimmy kimmel live is next.
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"jimmy kimmel live!" tonight earvin "magic" johnson. from the billboard music awards, ludacris and ciara. and music from ariana grande. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ applause ] >> jimmy: thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. thank you everybody. well, that's very kind.


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